Debris Flow Events (1)

Debris flow occurrences

Generally, steep mountainous regions which are mantled by a cover of unconsolidated soils and sediments are particularly susceptible to various types of water-related mass movement’s, namely debris flows. These steepland regions are often overwhelmed with high-intensity storms and extreme rainfall events, which are responsible for sudden water inflows which, on the one hand can lead to slope failures and landslides, and on the other can develop debris flows, if there are debris or unconsolidated materials availability. These requirements are met in many mountainous watersheds under different climatic conditions, turning debris flows into a widespread worldwide phenomenon.

Among the countries most affected by debris flows, there are few that stand out, namely Venezuela, Japan, China, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Colombia, United States of America, Peru, Australia, among others.

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