UK Atividades

  • A1. Preliminary studies of debris flow phenomena

    This project activity will address a detailed debris flow phenomena scope in order to obtain significant knowledge to approach upcoming activities and ensure a proper project development.

    Thus, among several covered points, a characterization of debris flows types and its main physical and mechanical basis (regarding to initialization, development and deposition) will be assessed. Additionally it will be performed an assessment of several existing mitigation structures, including, whenever possible, operation behavior analysis and functionality evaluation. The identification and analysis of relevant debris flow records from previous events (and respective causes) will be performed as well.

  • A2. Development and validation of debris flow numerical models/tools

    This activity focuses on the development and/or validation of numerical models/tools to support project studies. Thus it is intended to use the numerical models for different purposes: firstly, as physical model experiments specification and, secondly, for comparative analysis with physical and numerical models results.

  • A3. Physical model definition and development

    According to STOPDEBRIS project objectives, it is recognized the importance of defining and developing a physical model in order to perform experiments and test several structural solutions for debris flow phenomena mitigation.

    Therefore, this task intends to define physical model characteristics/specifications and the experiments plan as well. Accordingly, throughout this activity is expected to collect all required equipments and materials for physical model development.

  • A4. Physical model experiments and results analysis

    Following the physical model development, several experiments will be performed, testing different open-type retention dams solutions regarding to layouts and schemes, flume’s slope and grain size distributions. Additionally, respective experiments results will be assessed and discussed through a structured analysis, supported, whenever possible, by audiovisual elements.

    Finally, it is intended that this activity shall support relevant conclusions for following activities, namely to A5 - Development of practical guidelines for open retention dams design. Then, a final report including the main conclusions and comments from physical model experiments will be performed.


  • A5. Development of practical guidelines for open retention dams design

    Physical model results shall support this activity and allow a proper development of practical and objective guidelines for more efficient open-type retention dams design. These guidelines shall be completely practical and engineering-project driven.

    This activity intends to develop intellectual property according to previously defined project objectives.

  • A6. Project dissemination and promotion

    Firstly, this activity intends to establish a dissemination strategy for STOPDEBRIS project. Following the defined strategy plan, several secondary tasks will be performed in order to share overall outcomes with stakeholders, relevant institutions and organizations and engage general scientific community, mainly for comments/feedback inputs.

    It is intended to raise awareness to the project in two different views: commercial and scientific. Thus, the main objective of this activity relates to develop and publication of dissemination material, namely: flyers, articles, participation in conferences, website, among others.

    All previously presented objectives focus on promoting STOPDEBRIS project, which is the main task of this activity.